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 Freitag, 17. April 19:00 Uhr

Barbara takes us through her journey from England to Bali and how her own evolutionary process has intersected with another far different culture and how this has informed the Teaching and Healing work she does. Barbara explains why the Balinese are experiencing the Pandemic in a totally different way to the people of the West, and offers us clues on how we too, can learn and change.


  • Children in schools relate more to the love of their teachers than to the ticks they get on their work
  • The Balinese people with their connection to the gods and their family and the community are affected by the pandemic differently to Westerners
  • Bali is a tourist destination so exposed by travellers from all countries including China during the height of the spread, and yet the Balinese have not been affected as badly by the Pandemic



The Balinese people have their family and their gods, and so the feeling here is – This too shall pass.


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Barbara Hames

Barbara Hames

Teacher, Consciousness Practitioner and serial Adventurer, based now in Bali, Barbara shares how immersing in another culture can reveal your own. What this means for our personal development and how the richness of experience gives context in this confusing time.

Wissenswertes über Barbara Hames


Growing up in the 1950s as the middle child with an older and younger brother I was expected to be a good little girl. My parents did their best but were not trained in how to love their children. I ended up breaking a lot of rules and doing things that girls were not expected to do, like going to university, twice. The first time was straight after school and I studied painting and sculpture - this meant that I had to leave my family home and live in another city - But what really woke up my soul was when, at the age of 19, I and a friend set off to hitchhike from England to Petra in Jordan. Travelling through so many countries, so many cultures, and so many traditions showed me some of the beautiful people that live on this earth. I was bitten by the travel bug! After my art degree I spent four years studying children’s nursing and realised how much I loved using my skills to help people. I became a single parent and have a wonderful daughter. This eventually led me into my second degree, in my 50’s, as a primary education school teacher... but I didn’t want to teach in England where teachers were so stressed and tired. So this resulted in me taking my second terrifying leap - I packed my bags and moved to Java, Indonesia to teach English. New friends and so many new experiences - Learning how to scuba-dive and staying on a small island with the most basic of facilities. But there were a few things that I yearned to do - move to Bali, take ballet classes, and become a trapeze artist. The universe heard me and I found a wonderful job in Bali as a class school teacher. This was perfect for me and I was there for seven years. I was able to love the children and encourage them so that they could achieve and thrive at their own pace. They loved using the brain balancing technique at the start of every school day. During these 7 years, not only did I begin ballet classes and circus skills, I began my trainings in modalities like BodyTalk, Franklin Method, and Universal Health Principles and I have used them with many clients over the last 15 years. I am still living in Bali for most of the year and love working with my clients, dancing and inspiring people to move, to dance and to laugh. Imagination is your greatest gift.

Barbara Hames



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